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Poster: Darrell Wright Date: Apr 9, 2005 9:59am
Forum: opensource_movies Subject: The Federal Goverment Shut down

Just wanted to mention this fact to anyone who may have posted a film at this site. I have not been able to find any additional information on this subject and the browser I am currently using is no longer giving any additional information.

However, according to what information I was given the FDC (possibly the correct initals) conviscated the hard drives of the companies server. Although I am not for sure if they had other questionable material, this site was primarily for films and comments against President Bush and the war in Iraq.

Just thought it the public had a right to know.

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Poster: HALFSTUPID Date: Apr 9, 2005 4:02pm
Forum: opensource_movies Subject: Re: Quebec rally

that's bad news indeed.

i have scant knowledge about the site, but i remember it as an excellent resource of independant media from my visits to there during the Quebec rally.

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Poster: FP Date: Apr 10, 2005 3:13am
Forum: opensource_movies Subject: Thunderbay

Are these the same guys?:

From that list:

Hi everyone,

At the last meeting it was unanimously decided that no one has the time or energy to keep the space open. It hasn't really been used in months, and we all know the summer is the slowest time of all. So unless anyone objects and is willing to jump to the rescue with some fundraising, then sadly, it's finally going to happen. Hopefully it will be for the best and we'll end up having more time to put into the site and maybe radio or print.

I gave our landlord a heads up on April 1st so that we don't get stuck paying for any extra months. There was no problem. He said he'd check whether we had paid a first and last or not at the beginning, since davo can't remember either.

We're meeting again at 8 next Thurs to continue
sorting out the details of moving the server and
dealing with all the stuff we have there.


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Poster: adriendb Date: Apr 17, 2005 12:22pm
Forum: opensource_movies Subject: Re: Thunderbay

Thunderbay is in Ontario, Canada. How would the FBI seize computers in another country? Get a grip.

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Poster: timdrage Date: May 24, 2005 9:32pm
Forum: opensource_movies Subject: Re: Thunderbay

The same way they shut down the London based servers of Indymedia Italy a while back maybe?:

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Poster: sick of useless misinformation Date: Apr 10, 2005 5:15am
Forum: opensource_movies Subject: Re: Thunderbay

Thanks for clearing up and debunking more useless propagandist crap on the net FP!

That is them exactly.

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Poster: Darrell Wright Date: Apr 10, 2005 9:29am
Forum: opensource_movies Subject: Re: Thunderbay

Where did you find this information? I tried accessing more information about this site, but could not find any. The information I was given was copied from another person's computer who was attempting to download the "How Will I laugh Tomorrow" video. If the information I gave was wrong, then I appologize; however, this was not what I was shown.

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Poster: Darrell Wright Date: Apr 10, 2005 11:13am
Forum: opensource_movies Subject: Re: Thunderbay

Just looked up your link, although this is similar to the site where the videos were posted, it is not the same one. Please provide a reference as to where you found your information.
I would like to see it.

I found this comment when I use the yahoo search engine; however, the site it indicated was closed.

Indy Media server siezed by FBI : Thunderbay IMC
Thunderbay IMC. From address: To address: Subject: Comment to introduce the mail: has just featured an article about the Independent Media server hard drives being seized by the FBI. ... ... site is down: that might be the reason. The reason why the hard drives were taken are unknown." ... the FCC shut down

Just found this posting at

It may explain why the site was actually shut down.

Below, you will find supporting evidence of some of the actions by the
new group as outlined in the timeline document:

This is a screen capture of an announcement post by Enemy Combatant
Radio to on 12/9/03 that was hidden immediately. As
you can see, still pointed to at the time
but one member of the sf.indymedia group (with no agreement even from
the people in his own group) had already locked the group
out of the shared site by taking away the admin passwords, leaving them
without a website. For reference, Enemy Combatant Radio is a project
affiliated with members of

This article was later unhidden after this post was made by a reader:

This is a screen capture of an announcement post by Whispered Media to on 12/18/03 that was immediately hidden. Whispered
Media is a video collective that has an office in the same suite as

This is a screen capture of multiple spam made on the
newswire on 12/23/03. The contents of those spams can be seen here:
This is one example of many instances of such "" spam made on

As many of you know by now, Enemy Combatant Radio's website: was taken down by a person associated with on 1/7/04, the day after the collective
had sent out the open letter:

The domain is still owned by a member of,
even though it is not website they have anything to do with anymore as
shown in the mediation agreement:

All of this indicates there has been gross violations of the trust
within the indymedia network that techies with control of resources
will not abuse their power for any reason.

We hope that everyone in the indymedia community realizes that this is
an issue of tech abuse of power that will have serious implications
throughout the entire network. Member of the (and
their tech collective) who are responsible for the
violations of the indymedia Principles of Unity as shown above, still
currently operate the server (stray linefeed server) that many IMC
sites are hosted on. They include:

Tijuana -
Colombia -
Hawaii -
Peru -
Uruguay - --
Argentina -
Bolivia -
Chile -
Istanbul -
Jerusalem -
South Africa -
Utah -
Thunderbay -
Houston -
Arizona -

The members have shown through their
actions that they cannot be entrusted with the amount of power they
hold by controlling IMC tech resources. I ask all member of the
indymedia network to help hold these individuals accountable for their

I know what I was shown had to be true. I was working on the person's computer attempting to show them how to download when she showed me the copied message. Also I have emailed her and she should place the document for all to see on this site soon

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Poster: Darrell Wright Date: Apr 10, 2005 11:29am
Forum: opensource_movies Subject: Re: Thunderbay

After searching for the last 5 hours for additional information on why the site closed. I will take FP's word on the subject. It may be possible that he information that was given to me might have been a sham. I don't know. I was hoping that someone could shed some clearer light on the subject; however, I may have been the victim of another bogus website.

Either way I still want everyone to know that the site was shut down.

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Poster: FP Date: Apr 11, 2005 5:46am
Forum: opensource_movies Subject: Re: Thunderbay

I'm not trying to debunk anything - I didn't even know for sure if the link I posted was affiliated with the thunderbay indymedia in question. There are other groups with similar names. That was just what came up in a GOOGLE search when I looked. I always try to keep track of censorship because it bugs me. If indeed thunderbay's computer systems were seized, I wish someone would explain why.

This is the link from which I posted the above:

All threads:

Whatever happened, the Thunderbay site is certainly down. Only a blank page is there.

Now I'm off to read what's at the new link posted by Darrell...

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Poster: Darrell Wright Date: Apr 11, 2005 8:10am
Forum: opensource_movies Subject: Re: Thunderbay

Your comments did not bother me. I have just been having some problems with this site since I allowed other people to post videos for me. That is why you see areas on the forums that say deleted next to my name.

Actually I was hoping that someone could give me better information on this issue. All I was given was a printed copy of what supposedly came off the web. After viewing it, I attempted to gather more information; however, my browser was acting up and I couldn't find anything else concerning this issue. That was part of the reason why I posted this on the forums.

The other reasons was to inform the members of our movie community, that they may need to find alternatives for uploading movies that the Internet Archive may not accept. My personal belief is that any independent artist should have a chance to get his or her work shown. I do not believe that all the videos rejected at this site are a violation of copyright laws. For example; I have attempted many times to place my music video
"How will I laugh Tomorrow... When I can't even smile today" on this site. However, everytime I upload it here, it is frozen by the curiator because they claim it breaks the copyright code.
Maybe in some ways it might, considering the video footage does come from the second season of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer; however, other sites have accepted it and it has done fair in these locations. It was available for download at this location; however, currently all that is available is a windows media stream located at

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Poster: nessie Date: Nov 13, 2005 3:09am
Forum: opensource_movies Subject: Disinformation

Sorry to take so long to reply. This was just brought to my attention"

>Just found this posting at

This posting was a pack of lies, to which people's names were forged. It was then spammed all over the network.


>It may explain why the site was actually shut down.

The site has not been "shut down." It's up and functioning as it has been all along. Unlike some IMCs (Indybay, Utah, Pgh., North Carolina, etc.) it is devoid of disinformation, forgeries, spam, gibberish, advertising, homophobia, misogyny, classism, racism, warmongering, and apologies for exploitation and ecocide.

SF-IMC: hard news, cogent analysis, no bullsh*t.

See for yourselves: